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Antonio Lelli!

Antonio Lelli, was born in Bisceglie (BA), November 13, 1970.

He has always lived in Cerignola (FG), where his living.

He attended primary school from the daughters of Mary Help of Christians, and in 5 years has managed to become the pupil of the teacher, Sister elisa.

Since adolescent boy who has spent some time in the holiday season Bisceglie, where he saw with his 2 cousins, and Gianluca Pasquale.

The middle school has gone with a good vote.

Among the friends of Cerignola, remember, Vito and Massimo, maybe people in the country which have been linked more to Antonio and he to them.

He frquentato high school science Cerignola, not forgetting that it was very different in philosophy and science, a little less but still at high levels in art and sports.

In 1989 he enrolled in the faculty of economics at the University of Foggia, then the following year it changed in the natural sciences in Bari

12-12-1991 is the party destination Trieste for military service.

Returning home after a year, he attended various courses, agriculture, internet, environment, photography, caving, drama, languages.

He speaks English and Spanish, modestly.

From 11 to 15 years had a summer trascolrso Riva dei Tessali, a seaside resort in the province of Taranto, attached here with some guys in Taranto and Bari

At school he became the pupil of the professor of philosophy, Don Horatio, thanks to his efforts in the study of matter and its preparation for the same.

His hobbies are reading, writing, music, cinema, internet, do research, explore, cars, photography, collectibles, match, nature, animals.

Has 2 friends who live in Foggia, Gianluca, 33 and Umberto, 24, with them is good fun laughing and joking so on.

He has contacts all over the world from Canada to New Zealand, from Japan to Argentina.

His dearest friends are virtual and correspondence Sandra and Veronica of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dayanara and Anto Venezuela Diana of Peru, Honduras Sharon, Liz of Mexico.

E 'friendly, sincere, generous, selfless, stubborn, courageous, tenacious, ammiravole, bold, adapts to different situations and places adventurer.

With the Family should be dacconrdo, Leonardo's father, had bought several machines, his mother Mary was always at his side and helped him, his brother Lorenzo taught him to play ball, his sister Julia, I help to pc and says the lessons.


He practiced many sports from tennis to football to basketball dall'atletica, from volleyball to swimming.


During a game of football in 2007 was architect of a spectacular goal that has nothing to envy the famous goal from Marco Van Basten against Russia to Europe in 1988.

(Pity it was not that movie ...)


He has a dream, traveling the world, would go anywhere in the world even in the most remote corners l├Čisola as Easter and Pitcairn.

We will succeed ....?

Now it seems to him a future computer, as creator of web sites and e-commerce expert.

We will see where to come!
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